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Wellcome to the MaiaProject developer site.
The MaiaProject was lounched in 1996 to develop a system that helps disable people to use computer as a way to go over their disabilities in the modern society.
MAIA is acronym for Multiple Access Input Assistant.

The project is nowadays hosted by "Mario Negri" Institute for Pharmacological Research in Milano (Italy) and the code developed is released under the General Public Licence (see

The aim of the project is to study methods to use the computer as a prosthesis used by the disabled people to interact with the world outside. These methods includes computer programs and hardware sensors.

What we release?

We release software and projecs of hardware that we are developing and using to phisically interact with the computer.

All the software is released under the General Public Licence and is developed to run on a multiplatform environment. We are using wxWidgets Library and GCC as main programming environment.

All hardware projects are released as schematics and building instructions on the User Site under GPL licence.

What we are looking for

We are looking for developers,testers and users that can help us to improve the system and that can give us some new ideas.
If you are interested in helping us you can contact
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