Developement Tree description


This page contains some useful informations regarding current developement tree.

The current tree differs between packages in some files because we are working to port the system under wxWidgets 2.6 and we are adding new applications.

wxWidgets 2.6 porting

wxWidgets 2.6 has XRC library included into its standard distribution.
This fact implies some modifications into the file because the inclusion of external version of the XRC library is not further needed.

Compile wxWidgets 2.6 with linux

Under linux wxWidgets 2.6 compiles by default using GTK2 so these libraries are needed to compile the new version.
The current version of dev tree is compiled using wxGTK-2.6.1 available from and configured with this command line:

./configure --with-gtk2 --enable-debug --enable-debug_gdb
NOTE: --enable-debug and --enable-debug_gdb flags are useful for developement stages but make executables bigger and slower.

Compile wxWidgets 2.6 with Windows

Under Windows We used cygwin to compile both wxWidgets and OpenMAIA.
cygwin is very similar to un*x environment and is available at
wxWidgets sources for MS Windows can be downloaded from wxWidgets site, we used wxMSW-2.6.1 package configured with this command line:

./configure --with-msw --enable-debug --enable-debug_gdb --disable-precomp-headers
NOTE: --disable-precomp-headers is necessary with the version of GCC we used.

NOTE2: gethostname() function defined by windows socket API is different between the one defined into cygwin headers.
wxWidgets and OpenMAIA luckily uses the same version of this function but USE_W32_SOCKETS constant must be defined in order to dismiss the conflict in the headers. file has been modified in order to define this constant when compiling for windows.

keyring application

keyring is a new GUI application introduced.
In order to compile the CVS version of openmaia, it is necessary to uncompress keyring_data.tar.gz into the data/default directory of the source tree.