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OpenMAIA project main page


This is the technical documentation of the OpenMAIA project.
These pages can be used by developers to build applications of the OpenMAIA suite or applications that uses the OpenMAIA library.


The OpenMAIA suite can be compiled under linux or under windows using cygwin.
This section lists libraries required to compile OpenMAIA suite.


wxWidgets library ( is a GUI crossplatform library used by OpenMAIA suite. OpenMAIA suite uses at least version 2.4.2 of wxWidgets. OpenMAIA needs a special installation of wxWidgets that includes some contrib libraries so we advise to compile the source distribution of the wxWidgets library using these instructions.

Compile and install XRC library used to handle XML resource files by wxWidgets applications.


libxml2 (version 2.6.5 at least) is used by some classes in the OpenMAIA suite to parse configuration and description files.
libxml2 can be installed from your distribution or from source site ( using standard procedure:


To compile the OpenMAIA suite follow this procedure:


OpenMAIA uses autotools (automake and autoconf) to build configurations scripts. and scripts are used to create configure script and makefiles in source folders.
To use autotools you must install automake (at least version 1.7) and autoconf (at least version 2.59) on your system.