Developer Environment Installation


All the OpenMAIA code is written using GCC 3.X and wxWidget Library. wxWidget is an opensource C++ GUI framework to make cross-platform programming.
The source code was developed and tested under GNU/Linux and then compiled under Windows using cygwin

Following are the instructions to install some of the tools and libraries used to build OpenMAIA code.

Step1, Install CygWin (only for Windows Developers)

Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows.
We compiled OpenMAIA Windows version using CygWin under Windows XP system. To install CygWin you can download it at ad install freely on your computer.

When you start the installation program you reach package selectction panel.

panel figure

To compile OpenMAIA suite you have to select following pakages as well as the default ones: After installation is completed you have a bash that can be used to perform the other tasks described.

Install Libraries

To compile the OpenMAIA code you need some libraries that sometimes are not included with some standard Un*x distributions. On Un*x systems you need to install. Following libraries can be installed from source or from your GNU/Linux distribution systems using standard options. We developed the system using Gentoo ( and Debian ( distributions.
WxWidget library must be compiled using following insructions.

Compile wxWidgets library