System Structure

System description

OpenMAIA is a modular system. Every module is indipendent and is called agent. The set of all active modules is called agency.
Every agent is autonomus and talks with the other modules using a textual protocol based on the TCP/IP stack passing throught the openmaia server.

Modules can be: The following fire shows the main structure of the system.

Main structure of the system.

Man Machine interfaces rapresents the input of the system. The user select available commands using a special User Interface thate make the selection of the commands simpler than the standard GUI of the system. This special interface is accessible using a limitated set of "buttons" driven by some agents called device driver.

Utility modules give some useful functions such as speech syntesis, word prediction etc...

Output modules can be used to control external devices plugged to the computer such as home automation interfaces or robotics interfaces.

Every agent talk with the rest of the agency using text messages via TCP/IP according with this protocol.
System description