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Message object

Figure 3.1: Message object

Message object stores informations about the message.

The list of public method is reported here:

Build an empty message.

-Message(String command)
Build a message with a defined command.

-Message(String command, String parameter)
Build a message with a specified command and a single parameter.

-addParameter(String parameter)
Add a parameter to the message.

-addParameter(int parameter)
Add an integer parameter to the message.
Note! the internal rapresentation of the parameters is String.

-String getCommand()
Return the command associated with the message.

-int getParCount()
Get the number of registered parameters.

-String getParameter(int index)
Get a specified parameter.

-int getIntParameter(int index)
throws NumberFormatException
Get a specified parameter converted in integer. If the format of the string is not an integer rapresentation the method throws a NumberFormatException.

-String getNextParameter()
Return the next parameter during sequential access or null if there are no more parameters.

-boolean hasMorePars()
Return true if there are more parameters, false otherwise.

Reset the internal index of the parameters, used with getNextParameter() method.